We are Personal Injury Medical Lien Financing Experts.

Whether you have a multi-million dollar portfolio or a small amount of medical lien receivables, we can help solve your cash flow challenges.

You will gain confidence knowing that you will not have to wait months or even years for payment on your medical lien receivables associated with personal injury cases.

Our Clients Know

Elite is the best choice for their medical lien cash flow challenges.

We have years of experience in the personal injury market

We achieve some of the highest collection rates in America.

Personal injury attorneys are professional negotiators

At Elite, we understand the strengths of your liens and we consistently demonstrate our ability to negotiate favorable collection rates upon the resolution of your patients' personal injury cases.

Our professionals efficiently analyze and diligence portfolios

We have funded the purchase of personal injury medical lien receivables in over 40 states to date.

Help us understand your organization

We can structure the optimum solution for your organization.

What Makes Us Better

Our deep experience sets us apart from the others

Access to capital

One key to achieving velocity in the medical receivables solutions market is being properly capitalized. At Elite we have the capital immediately available to monetize your Personal Injury medical lien receivables.

Efficient underwriting

Once we have the required information, our team of professional underwriters will review your portfolio and we will create a custom solution for your organization.

Laser focus

We specialize in purchasing medical lien receivables on personal injury cases. This is all we do, and we do it very well.

Let us turn your aging medical lien receivables into CASH!

We Purchase Personal Injury Medical Lien Receivables From



Health Systems


Diagnostic Imaging


Physical Therapy




Neurology and Neurosurgery


Toxicology Labs


Home Health


Chiropractic Care


Pain Management


Spine Surgeons


TBI Treatment Centers







Health Systems


Urgent Care




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Listening is a Core Attribute of our Company

Every medical provider and facility has different motivations when selecting the best company to help them solve their personal injury medical lien receivables portfolio challenges:

Some need maximum cash now to help fund expansion plans

Some are looking to align with the expertise necessary to increase their collection rates

Some are looking to eliminate their medical lien collection expenses

Some simply want to practice medicine and place the economics in our capable hands

We LISTEN then we structure the optimum solution for you

We understand one size does not fit all.

Eliminate Your Collections Risk

Medical providers and facilities that hold letters of protection (LOP) on personal injury cases take on inherent collection RISK in their patient’s underlying legal case.

Cases take a long time to close - often years.

Why wait years to receive payment, if there is payment at all? There is no need to wait for payment on your personal injury medical lien receivables when you align with Elite.

Tracking medical liens increases overhead.

As your patient mix gravitates more towards personal injury cases, your cost to collect will elevate proportionately. Radically reduce or totally eliminate this inherent collection cost by working with Elite.

Reductions are a common practice upon legal case settlement.

Stop negotiating with those personal injury attorneys who often refer patients to you. Elite has the finesse to increase your receivables while maintaining your close attorney relationships.

Personal injury cases are lost every day.

When your patient’s underlying personal injury legal case is lost, your LOP is worthless and you will not be paid – anything! By aligning with Elite, you may remove this inherent collection risk.

Why Wait for Payment?

Do you really want to wait 2+ years to see if you’ll be paid for your services, only to be disappointed by how much you’ll actually receive after reductions?

By aligning with Elite, we may purchase your personal injury medical lien receivables, removing your inherent collection risk.

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